TexTech Industries commits to building a better protective market by continuing to enhance our signature brands that professionals across numerous industries have come to rely on.

CarbonX®—Non-flammable fabrics and apparel that will not burn, melt, drip, ignite, shrink, or char when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat and are highly resistant to molten metal splash, flammable liquids, certain chemicals, and arc flash hazards.

ResistX—A value-driven collection of inherently flame-resistant protective fabrics engineered to defend against flame, heat, and electric arc while delivering a high level of comfort.

PunctureX™—Lightweight, flexible, and puncture-resistant composite structures that can stand up against the most demanding applications. PunctureX composite products are engineered for durability, product integrity, and ease of production.

Contact TexTech at ppeinfo@textechindustries.com or (207) 756-8606 for a high-performance, customized solution for your protective application.