Experts in Safety

CarbonX team members are frequently asked to contribute articles to the industry’s go-to publications for the latest on advancements in personal protective equipment.

"The Need for a Shield Against Steel"
Occupational Health & Safety, March 2017

"How to Stay Safe and Stay Warm This Winter"
Occupational Health & Safety, December 2015

"Protective Clothing"
Safety + Health, June 2015

"FYI: PPE Acronyms You Should Know"
Occupational Health & Safety, December 2014

"How to Compare Inherent vs. Treated FR Fabrics"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, September 2014

"If You Can't Stand the Heat"
Occupational Health & Safety, August 2014

"High Thermal Insulating Performance Gives Workers the Highest Degree of Burn Protection"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, October 2013

"Get FR Smart"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, September 2012

"No Threat Is Too Small"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, June 2012

"Comfort Equals Compliance"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, March 2012

"Take the Guesswork Out of Selecting Apparel"
Occupational Health & Safety, December 2011

"Aluminized Apparel Takes the Heat"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, July 2011

"CarbonX to Introduce Innovative Testing Platform at Safety 2011"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, June 2011

"Base Layer FR Solutions: Don't Get Burned"
Industrial Safety & Hygiene News, January 2011

"Materials For The Modern Gladiator"
Chemical & Engineering News, February 2009

"Is Your PPE Non-Flammable?"
Facility Safety Management, September 2008

"Hot Stuff"
Forbes Magazine, December 2003

Advertising Campaigns

The 2016 CarbonX ad campaign, “The Fabric of Who We Are,” was featured in ISHN Magazine, OH&S Magazine, Professional Safety Journal, Safety+Health Magazine, FireRescue Magazine, and Speedway Illustrated.

I'm a Wildland Firefighter

I'm a Welder

I'm a Steel Worker

I'm a Race Car Driver

I'm a Firefighter

This year's campaign is focused on promoting TexTech Industries' commitment to building a better protective market with its signature brands CarbonX, ResistX, Core Matrix, and PunctureX.

We Have a New Resolve for Your Safety

Ready to Defend—Introducing ResistX