From structural to wildland fire environments, the unpredictable and relentless nature of fire makes it imperative that a firefighter’s protective clothing and equipment can handle even the most severe situations. These brave men and women put their lives on the line as they run toward danger, not away from it, for the benefit and protection of others.

CarbonX PPE gear is targeted to protect workers from the dangers of accidents on the job, but firefighting is different. Every call is an emergency; every call is unpredictable. You can mitigate risk by following proven procedures, but little is predictable when fighting a fire that’s raging out of control. You have to rely on your skills, the other members of your squad, and your FR clothing.

CarbonX keeps firefighters in mind when creating the strongest line of defense possible. Firefighters run the risk of becoming trapped in a burning building or by a fast-approaching wildfire. In worst-case scenarios, their only choice is to lie face down in a fire shelter and wait for it to be over. This is when wearing CarbonX non-flammable apparel matters most.

Our fireproof fabrics of varying weights and strengths are meant to be layered for the best protection possible. Our knits, worn close to the skin, are snug, breathable, and flexible, and at the same time they deliver superior protection. The second layer is comprised of our woven fabrics in turnout gear, lightweight and comfortable, yet virtually impenetrable.

CarbonX fabrics are also used in structural fire barriers, which can be a firefighter’s last line of defense.

Whether you’re in charge of your city or town’s fire department or you’re a city or volunteer firefighter, settle for nothing less than the best in PPE for yourself and for your department. Be prepared. Choose CarbonX for better protection and peace of mind.

CarbonX Solutions

Knits: Baselayer garments, hoods, facemasks, helmet shrouds, gloves, socks
CarbonX Ultimate
CarbonX Active

Wovens: Turnout gear
CarbonX Repel
CarbonX Wovens

Nonwovens: Boot liners, vehicle lining, equipment bags, bandanas, blankets, quilted barrier in clothing, thermal insulator barriers, heat shields, structural heat shields
CarbonX Nonwovens