Oil and gas extraction professionals are specialized in many different processes needed to successfully drill and service a well. But with an on-the-job fatality rate seven times greater than the rate for all other U.S. industries, these professionals require specialized equipment to protect themselves against chemical exposure, explosions, and flash fire.

By their nature, oil and gas are highly flammable, and accidents at rigs and refineries have the potential to be cataclysmic. It’s not just the product itself, but the vapors emanating during the collection, refining, and delivering process also pose the potential to catch fire. As careful as workers are trained to be, avoiding open flames at all times, they cannot control all outside influences, including lighting strikes, sparks from tools in use, and even static electricity.

CarbonX non-flammable fabrics and apparel provide the best protection possible against burns that can result from fires and explosions in the gas and oil industry.

Our baselayers—including bottoms, tops, long johns, hoods, gloves, socks, and more—are both fireproof and comfortable. Designed to fit snugly and move with you, they are lightweight and breathable, yet offer the best protection available against heat and flames.

Our Ultimate baselayer is designed to increase warmth in winter with insulating thermal properties, while our Active baselayer delivers cool protection in warm weather by wicking away moisture.

In the oil and gas industry, distraction at work is more than just an inconvenience; it can be a matter of life and death. If you’re responsible for PPE regulations and procedures at an oil or gas drilling rig, refinery, or another facility, CarbonX FR solutions can make your job easier. If you’re a worker, rely on our fireproof clothes to provide extra protection.

Never take chances with personal safety. Get the peace of mind that comes with choosing CarbonX.

CarbonX Solutions

Knits: Baselayer garments, hoods, sleeves, gloves, socks
CarbonX Ultimate
CarbonX Active

Wovens: Jackets, coveralls, shirts, pants, aprons, bibs, spats
CarbonX Repel
CarbonX Aluminized Solutions
CarbonX Wovens

Nonwovens: Boot liners
CarbonX Nonwovens

Source: U.S. Department of Labor Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries, 2003–2010.