Individuals working in industrial environments today know that there’s no room for error. One mistake and the consequences could be catastrophic within seconds. In working conditions where molten splash, fire, and arc flash are ever-present threats, professionals need flame-resistant wear that’s able to withstand the worst-case scenarios.

CarbonX non-flammable fabrics and apparel protect workers in the highest-risk occupations. Among the thermal hazards industrial workers face are electric arcs, flash fires, explosions, and other types of heat-related threats.

If they are not completely protected, they run the risk of serious injury and even death. CarbonX fabrics provide the highest level of protection while at the same time allowing for maximum freedom of movement so workers can complete their tasks efficiently.

We offer a variety of knit, woven, and nonwoven FR solutions for the safety and protection of industrial workers. These include baselayer, flexible fabrics that are truly fireproof but amazingly flexible, acting like a second skin that’s impermeable to heat and flame. Unbelievably light and breathable, these fabrics also include cooling properties to wick away moisture in high-temperature environments.

Our secondary-layer fabrics—equally lightweight and supremely protective—offer an extra tier in workers’ defense against fire and heat. They can be used in combination with flame-resistant baselayers or on their own, depending on the level of risk involved in the job.

Whether you’re an owner or safety manager of an industrial facility looking to outfit your team with the best in PPE, or you’re a frontline worker interested in investing in your own extra layer of safety, CarbonX will deliver extraordinary protection and comfort when safety on the job is paramount.

CarbonX Solutions

Knits: Baselayer garments, hoods, sleeves, gloves, socks, stocking caps, beanies, neck gators
CarbonX Ultimate
CarbonX Active

Wovens: Coveralls, shirts, pants, jackets
CarbonX Repel
CarbonX Aluminized Solutions
CarbonX Wovens

Nonwovens: Boot liners
CarbonX Nonwovens