Chapman Innovations

The idea behind CarbonX was kindled on a race track. Mike Chapman—a legendary engine builder in the world of motorsports—had watched too many friends suffer serious burn injuries in race-car accidents. Determined to prevent such tragedies, Chapman worked with textile experts to develop a unique solution. By blending carbonized fibers with strengthening fibers, Chapman and his team created a fabric that is inherently non-flammable; will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat; is impervious to molten metal splash; and has exceptional electrical resistance. The CarbonX brand came to life. Since 1999 Chapman Innovations has been developing, producing, and marketing thermal fabric solutions under the flagship brand CarbonX for a variety of industries and end-users.

TexTech Industries Inc.

In 2014 Chapman Innovations and the CarbonX brand were acquired by TexTech Industries, Inc., a leading global developer and supplier of engineered, high-performance materials for the aerospace, defense, law enforcement, industrial, and sporting goods sectors. TexTech produces Core Matrix Technology™, a patented, protective material that is utilized in the most advanced ballistic vests worn by military and law enforcement. The company also manufactures fire-retardant and thermal acoustic insulation for every major commercial aerospace platform and is the world’s largest producer of tennis ball felt. CarbonX non-flammable fabrics and apparel are a natural fit in the TexTech product portfolio.