While competitors work to ensure their products meet industry standards, our goal is to exceed those standards and go above the norm in providing a persistent thermal barrier with minimal heat conductivity. CarbonX products offer protection far beyond the industry's No Melt, No Drip requirements, which typically only require that protective fabrics not contribute to burns in a thermal exposure as opposed to actually protecting the wearer from a thermal event.

The protective performance of CarbonX products exceeds these common safety standards and requirements (depending on product*):

ASTM D6413
ASTM F1506
ASTM F1959-99

NFPA 1971
NFPA 1975
NFPA 1977
NFPA 2112

SFI Spec 3.3 for Underclothing

EN 407
EN 469
EN 1149
EN 11611
EN 11612
EN 12947
EN 13911
EN 15384
EN 208211
EN 61482
EN 6530

AATCC 1C Option A
AATCC 61-2013 (Accelerated Method 2A)
AATCC TM 135-2018 (5 cycles in accordance with Method 3, IV, Aiii)

*Please contact us for product-specific data sheets.