Have you ever wished you could test the performance of your PPE right in your work environment, right up against the actual hazards you face every day, right in front of the safety decision-makers and those whom the PPE is designed to protect? The first-of-its-kind CarbonX® Testing Platform facilitates onsite pour testing and delivers real-time results.

The CarbonX Testing Platform measures a protective fabric’s resistance to contact with molten substances and hot liquids. Although not intended to replace standardized laboratory testing and certification processes, the testing platform simulates the ASTM F955 pour test but with additional advantages.

The testing platform’s flexibility and portability allow for testing of any molten substance or hot liquid in any amount in as realistic an environment as possible (with the customer’s own PPE and own furnace). Substances that have been tested include: molten iron, steel, copper, brass, aluminum, pulp and paper smelt, lead, hot oil, roofing tar, etc.

Different fabric combinations can be placed on the testing platform’s ceramic plate, which is angled at 70°, where hot liquids are poured directly onto the fabric. Heat sensors mounted in the plate measure the temperature change on the backside of the fabric while the substance is poured and continue monitoring heat as it transfers across the material. The more quickly a fabric can shed a molten hazard, the less likely it is a serious burn will occur.

The testing platform’s data-acquisition device plots real-time quantitative data against the Stoll curve, measuring: 1) how effectively a fabric or fabric combination limits the amount of heat transferred through the material to the wearer to prevent a theoretical second-degree burn, and 2) how effectively a fabric sheds a molten hazard. After the test, a complete report with charts, graphs, and a video of each pour is provided.

There is no charge for this service; however, it is required that a CarbonX fabric be included in the comparative testing. Safety managers and line workers will see firsthand how CarbonX fabrics remarkably shed molten substances, like iron and aluminum, and significantly outperform similar protective fabrics, backed with real-time qualitative and quantitative data.

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