With speeds exceeding 200 mph and internal vehicle temperatures above 120°F, racing requires peak intensity, total focus, and top performance. Whether in the pit or the driver's seat, professionals don’t have a second to spare to worry about the level of protection offered by their protective clothing and gear.

Motorsports athletes—and often their entire team—face danger not only at every race but at practices as well. As much as the engineers, mechanics, coaches, and others work to control the course and mitigate risk, the possibility of a crash and burn always exists.

For this reason, those closest to the danger—namely, the drivers—must do their utmost to protect themselves against burns. While much of the danger in motorsports comes from the impact of a crash, there often exists the possibility of surviving the crash only to perish in the ensuing fire. CarbonX wants to protect motorsports athletes from this risk.

Because the interior of a race car is a confined space designed to hold the driver in a pod-like environment, bulky layers of PPE are not just impractical, they are completely unworkable. Thus, race car drivers and other motorsports professionals rely on the superior protective properties of CarbonX.

The CarbonX product line includes a range of fabrics and apparel specifically crafted to stand up against the fire and heat hazards of the track and to minimize the risk of burn injuries and deaths.

Lightweight, breathable, and snug-fitting, CarbonX baselayer tops, bottoms, gloves, hoods, and full-body suits offer the ultimate in fireproof protection. Wearers are safe from burns as a result of explosions, fire, flammable liquids, and hot metal parts. At the same time, our proprietary knit fabrics are constructed to help wick away moisture, keeping drivers cool before, during, and after races.

CarbonX woven fabrics are used in secondary layers of defense, including racing suits, while our non-woven fabrics can be found in boot liners, quilted clothing barriers, vehicle linings, and engine blankets.

Whether you’re a motorsports athlete or you work on the sidelines, CarbonX non-flammable PPE is your first line of defense against burn injuries. Choose CarbonX and take back the focus and peace of mind you need to cross the finish line first.

CarbonX Solutions

Knits: Baselayer garments, hoods, helmet shrouds, gloves, socks
CarbonX Ultimate
CarbonX Active

Wovens: Racing suits, shifter boot covers
CarbonX Repel
CarbonX Wovens

Nonwovens: Boot liners, vehicle lining, quilted barrier in clothing, engine blankets
CarbonX Nonwovens

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