Stay Safe, Stay Warm

Keep warmth in when facing winter conditions and keep extreme heat out when facing dangerous conditions.

The CarbonX UltimateTM Baselayer and Fabric offer the highest level of thermal protection and comfort for professionals working in extreme conditions where safety matters most. CarbonX Ultimate is also an ideal choice for cooler climates and winter conditions.

Constructed to be truly non-flammable, CarbonX Ultimate will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to direct flame or extreme heat and maintains its strength and integrity even after intense exposure. It is highly resistant to molten metal splash, flammable liquids, and certain chemicals and provides excellent protection from arc flash hazards. It also limits heat transfer much more effectively than flame-resistant fabrics and apparel of similar weight.

CarbonX Ultimate is made from our DJ-77 fabric, an 8 oz double jersey interlock knit that is flexible, soft-to-the-touch, and comfortable next to skin. It also breathes well, wicks away moisture, and dries quickly, enhancing the wearer’s comfort and productivity. CarbonX Ultimate can be worn daily as part of a total PPE solution.

Common Applications:

CarbonX meets all No Melt, No Drip requirements for flame-resistant PPE. Click here for more information about CarbonX Ultimate, including testing data.

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