SFI-certified and designed specifically for motorsports.

Constructed to stand up against the thermal hazards of the track, the CarbonX MX-12 Sock is the most highly protective and comfortable non-flammable sock designed specifically for motorsports. It is SFI-certified and has a TPP rating of 31.3 and zero seconds after flame, which far surpass the SFI Spec 3.3 for Underclothing (TPP rating of 6 and 2 seconds or less after flame in the vertical flame test). The MX-12 Sock will not burn, melt, or ignite when exposed to flame or heat and maintains its strength and integrity even after intense exposure.

The MX-12 Sock is knitted from the patented CarbonX non-flammable yarn and flame-resistant, super-washed merino wool. Lightweight and flexible, the sock features a reinforced toe and heel and cushioned sole, making it extremely comfortable next to skin.

Common Applications:

CarbonX meets all No Melt, No Drip requirements for flame-resistant PPE.