PPE & Fire-Resistant Apparel for Superior Protection

When wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) made from CarbonX® fire resistant fabrics and apparel, professionals working in the world’s most dangerous environments can face precarious thermal hazards—like direct flame, extreme heat, molten metal, flammable liquids, certain chemicals, and arc flash—knowing they are armed with the highest level of protection in the industry.

Workers today are under enormous strain in a variety of industries, required to perform their jobs in some of the most hazardous conditions imaginable.

Industrial workers, steelworkers, welders, laborers on oil and gas rigs, and electrical workers depend on CarbonX fireproof clothes to get them safely through each day. Motorsports athletes and their team members rely on our PPE gear in the event of crashes or explosions.

Firefighters rush toward the flames—whether in a building or home, forest or wildland—not away from them. Their skills and PPE gear are put to the most grueling test every day, so they have to measure up. There is no room for mistakes.

For tactical operatives, their PPE is what stands between them and the threat, allowing them to defend the communities and people who rely on them.

If your job is dangerous, much of your daily effort and concentration is focused on staying alive through every shift. Our job is to support our customers, providing the best in truly flame resistant personal protective equipment, so you can devote your energy to the task at hand, whether that’s winning the race, manufacturing a product ,or saving lives.

We’re the backup you never have to call for, because we’re already there.

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The Only Personal Protective Equipment, Apparel, & Fabric Choice When Safety Matters Most

Individuals working in industrial environments today know that there’s no room for error. One mistake and the consequences could be catastrophic within seconds. In working conditions where molten splash, fire, and arc flash are ever-present threats, professionals need flame-resistant gear that’s able to withstand the worst case scenarios.

With temperatures ranging from 1300°F to 6000°F, one small drop of molten metal splash on the skin could result in a serious injury. Professionals routinely working with these dangerous substances need a protective solution that can remarkably shed sparks, spill, and spatter while also standing up to extreme heat and direct flame.

From structural to wildland fire environments, the unpredictable and relentless nature of fire makes it imperative that a firefighter’s protective clothing and equipment can handle even the most severe situations. These brave men and women put their lives on the line as they run toward danger, not away from it, for the benefit and protection of others.

With speeds exceeding 200 mph and internal vehicle temperatures above 120°F, racing requires peak intensity, total focus, and top performance. Whether in the driver's seat or the pit, professionals don’t have a second to spare to worry about the level of protection offered by their protective clothing and gear.