Protect Firefighters With the Best FR Clothing

With the change in climate, the earth is experiencing more fires. This year, more than 4 million acres have burned in California., and the devastating wildfires in Australia last year burned 46 million acres. Firefighters all over the world risk their lives every day to fight fires big and small, and here at CarbonX, we manufacture the flame-resistant clothing they need to stay safe while they work to protect the residents, wildlife, and land these fires threaten to consume.


CarbonX FR Clothes for Firefighters

CarbonX manufactures non-flammable knit, woven, and nonwoven PPE gear for firefighters. An example is our Ultimate knit product line, which includes long johns, hoods, facemasks, gloves, and socks. CarbonX PPE is comfortable and breathable while also being 100% flame retardant.

Our woven products are the best choice in fireproof turnout gear, providing that extra layer of protection every firefighter needs.

PPE Gear for Fighting Wildfires

Structure fires have always been dangerous for firefighters because the building could collapse at any time. Yet, because of the need to rescue people who may be trapped in the building, firefighters are forced to take this risk.

Wildfires, however, are a completely different type of challenge. Rescues are less common in wildfires, so it is often easier to avoid coming into contact with the flames. But when contact is unavoidable, the results can be fatal.

Wildfires can change direction suddenly, trapping firefighters unexpectedly. It’s a firefighter’s worst nightmare—when the times comes that they must rely on a thermal barrier to save their lives. It can be terrifying for firefighters to realize that they can’t outrun the fire, and their only option is to lie down under a thermal barrier and wait for the fire to engulf them and move on.

Fire shelters, also known as heat barriers or thermal barriers, aim to protect firefighters from such occurrences. Survival often comes down to how quickly the fire moves over the firefighters. CarbonX nonwoven fabrics are used in thermal barriers, extending the highest level of protection for as long as possible for these frontline heroes.

Are you tasked with outfitting your city or town’s firefighters with the best FR clothing and equipment available? To learn more about CarbonX, browse our website or contact us today.

Posted in Blog on Dec 21, 2020