FR Clothing for Cold Weather: Hazard ID and Layering

There are numerous applications of flame-resistant clothing and equipment, and many of these include scenarios in which FR clothes will be used outdoors in cold climates. As the fall and winter seasons approach in many areas, now is the time for industries that regularly utilize fire-resistant fabrics to stock up on supplies for workers.

At CarbonX, we’re here to help. Our CarbonX Ultimate line includes many options of flame-resistant clothing and equipment that provide both warmth and protection from arc flashes and other sources of fire and burns. Take a look at our full-length long-john-style base layers as well as our tops, hoodies and gloves to keep your workers warm and protected all day long.

We assist clients that purchase gear for numerous settings and temperature ranges, including those that need fireproof fabric for cold-weather applications on a regular basis. When it comes to fire-resistant fabric, what are some important factors to consider for cold-weather use and proper selection? This two-part blog series will go over several.

Hazard Protection

First and foremost, just like in any other situation in which FR clothes are being used, knowing common hazard(s) and understanding the correct level of protection is essential.

When you go with CarbonX’s Ultimate line of base layer and outerwear PPE, you’ll get the best protection, regardless of industry or weather. Our Ultimate line provides protection from fire, chemical burns, arc flashes, molten metal and any other type of burn hazard.


Layering is important in cold climates for warmth, but it takes on increased significance when you consider all the potential sources of ignition in certain dangerous industries. Job hazards can vary widely, so different types of FR clothing may be needed to adequately protect against particular risks.

Workers’ outermost layers of PPE must provide the front line of defense in protection from heat and fire, as it is these that are first exposed to danger. However, as all fabrics eventually break down when exposed to high heat, having workers always wear PPE as a base layer, regardless of season, provides further protection — and more time to escape from potentially lethal burns.

Get CarbonX Fabrics for Best Protection

Many industries rely on the protection CarbonX fireproof clothes provide to their workers. It brings peace of mind to both employees and managers when they know that everything possible is being done to protect workers in dangerous situations.

For more on the important factors to consider while choosing flame-retardant clothing for cold climates, or to learn about any of our CarbonX Ultimate line, our FR clothing, equipment or other solutions, contact the team at CarbonX today.

Posted in Blog on Sep 14, 2021.