How to Care for FR Clothing

If you’re not especially well-versed in the mechanics of fireproof clothing, you may be worried about whether washing your PPE will affect its fireproof properties. CarbonX is here to assure you that you don’t have to worry when you wash our flame-retardant clothing.

You may be familiar with clothing that repels mosquitoes or other insects, pet-hair-resistant clothing, or clothing with sunscreen, all of which may lose some of their special properties as time goes on. But that’s not how it works with our fireproof fabric.

How FR Fabrics Are Manufactured

FR clothing has been around for 50 years. But the FR clothes of today are much more advanced than they were when they first came out. In many industries, terms like “flame retardant,” “flame resistant,” and “fireproof” are used interchangeably. But these terms can mean different things and offer varying levels of protection.

The bulk of the protective clothing solutions on the market today are categorized as flame resistant, fire resistant, FR, flame retardant, or fire retardant, although the latter two terms are often used to describe a chemical substance that imparts flame resistance on a fabric. Flame resistance may be achieved by using fibers that have this property inherently in the polymer or by applying a chemical finish to a fabric.

Mike Chapman, the founder of CarbonX, revolutionized a new way of making flame-resistant clothing after having witnessed motorsports competitors suffer serious burns that their PPE could not protect them from. By blending carbonized fibers with strengthening fibers, Chapman created an inherently non-flammable fabric that can withstand direct flame without melting, igniting, or burning for up to 20 times longer than competing FR fabrics.

Because CarbonX clothes are inherently flame resistant, their thermal protective properties will not wash out or wear way. For this reason, our fireproof clothes offer the same protection years after you purchased them as they did on the day you got them.

How to Care for Your FR Apparel

Because you wear your FR clothing next to your skin all day long, frequent washing is necessary, even if it isn’t every day.

Laundering does not affect the protective properties of CarbonX products; however, each of our different types of fireproof clothing come with specific washing instructions. Some cannot be machine washed. Some cannot go in the dryer. Some should be kept out of direct sunlight. Thus, it’s critical that you read and follow care instructions for your flame-retardant clothing in order to keep them in the best shape possible for the longest amount of time.

Whether you’re shopping for fireproof clothing for yourself or your workers, rely on CarbonX for top-of-the-line protection in any industry.

Posted in Blog on Jan 12, 2021