What Is Fireproof Clothing Made Of?

To anyone outside of the fire-resistant clothing industry, the concept of FR gear can seem almost magical. Donning flame-resistant clothing can protect you from some of the worst tragedies imaginable. Yet you can’t help but wonder how much protection fireproof clothing provides, and what it is even made of. CarbonX engineers have worked to develop and manufactures of some of the best fire protective clothing available today.

What Is in FR Gear?

When you think about what is left after a fire burns a structure, you may wonder what type of fabrics can protect a person against such a conflagration. You see that brick, stone and metal don’t burn — all natural parts of the Earth. But it would not be convenient or comfortable to make clothing out of any of these materials.

Some common fire-resistant fabrics include Nomex, Kevlar and Modacrylic. Some other FR clothing is made of cotton and treated with chemicals. This is the case with children’s pajamas, which by law must be coated with fire-retardant chemicals.

At CarbonX, we are constantly working to improve and make all our FR gear even better. The science of making and creating fire-protective clothing is extremely complex. Our parent company, TexTech, holds several patents for its fireproof clothing, so the fibers and chemicals used to create it are industry secrets.

What Does FR Clothing Do?

Fireproof clothing is designed to prevent wearers from injuries from flames and high temperatures. FR clothes are soft and comfortable to wear, but are resistant to burning.

For example, if there is an explosion and burning debris lands on you, and you are wearing ordinary clothing, it will catch fire quickly and burn you. In fact, synthetic fabrics can actually melt into your skin. Jane Garvey, the first female administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, once famously said in an interview that she never wears synthetic clothing on airplanes in case they crash and catch fire.

Flame-resistant clothing gives wearers the extra time they need to put the fire out. Whether they stop, drop and roll or an extinguishing method is used, wearers of FR clothing often credit their PPE for saving their lives.

Levels of Protection

There are different ratings for fireproof clothing, one of the most important being Arc ratings. The ratings indicate how much protection is offered in specific circumstances. If you are a buyer of fire-resistant clothing for your workers, it’s critical to choose the right clothing for your industry. The team at CarbonX is happy to help you choose the right PPE for your employees.

We have been in the fireproof clothing business for many years, and you can trust our guidance for your FR clothing purchase. Order your fire-protective clothing from one of our distributors today, or contact us for help deciding what to purchase.

Posted in Blog on Mar 08, 2022.