Fireproof Clothing Ratings: Why You Can Trust CarbonX PPE

Do you know what TPP and ATPV are, in reference to fireproof clothes? If you're in charge of employee safety in an industry such as welding, firefighting, oil and gas, etc., you are likely familiar with these terms. But what about the individuals actually wearing the product? CarbonX wants you to understand exactly how and why our fireproof PPE will protect you in even the most dangerous situations.

TPP for FP Clothing

TPP — or thermal protective performance — refers to how long fire-resistant clothing can stand up to heat. During testing, the PPE is exposed to heat and a determination is made regarding how long it would take the wearer to suffer a second-degree burn.

A second-degree burn involves both the dermis and the epidermis. It's painful and may leave a scar. By contrast, a sunburn can constitute a first-degree burn, and if third- or fourth-degree burns are extensive enough, they can cause death.

TPP ratings can go from 6 (three seconds) to 80 (40 seconds). While these sound like short periods of time, just a couple of seconds can be crucial for wearers to react when exposed to fire.


ATPV — arc thermal protective value — measures how much energy is needed in a particular instance to cause a second-degree burn. It's calculated in calories of heat and expressed in a percent chance of being burned if you are exposed to a certain level of heat. These computations are made based on the weight of the fireproof fabric.

This rating is particularly important for fire-retardant clothing worn by workers in the welding and electrical industries.

CarbonX FR Clothes

TPP and ATPV requirements can vary depending upon the industry. In some jobs, workers risk encountering higher levels of heat than other jobs, and they need better protection.

All CarbonX FR clothing exceeds industry standard requirements for both TPP and ATPV. Constructed to be truly non-flammable, our clothing will not catch fire or melt. CarbonX PPE provides the best in strength and protection, but it is also surprisingly comfortable. Our fireproof clothes are soft against the skin and amazingly flexible. They're also lightweight — even our heavier varieties designed for outer wear.

As much as workers in dangerous industries want to protect themselves from accidents, wearing bulky, heavy, uncomfortable clothing throughout every workday can become impossibly burdensome. When this happens, the danger increases if the worker foregoes wearing their PPE.

As a manufacturer of flameproof fabric, our goal is to make clothing that is comfortable and wearable while also providing the best in protection against fire and burns. No matter what industry you're in, you can feel safe going to work wearing CarbonX fireproof clothing.

Posted in Blog on Mar 09, 2021