Why Chemical Plant Workers Need Personal Protective Equipment

Although you may not realize it, we all use items every day made with products from the chemical industry. But as crucial as the chemical industry is, being a chemical plant worker is one of the most dangerous jobs to have. To keep chemical plants operational and safe, chemical plant workers should wear PPE and flame-resistant clothing from CarbonX.

What Risks Do Chemical Plant Workers Face on the Job?

Chemical plant workers regularly interact with toxic, highly flammable chemicals. These chemicals can emit noxious fumes, start fires, and cause explosions. Working with toxic, flammable chemicals can result in chemical burns, exposure, and inhalation. Accidents in chemical plants that result in injury or death are usually caused by poor training, human error, or improper maintenance of safety gear.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, a methyl isocyanate chemical leak that killed 2,000 people in Bhopal, India, was the turning point for hazard reduction in the chemical industry. The accident occurred in 1984, and shortly after, OSHA began developing guidelines for chemical plants to improve standards of safety on the job.

Even with these guidelines, however, accidents still happen. Chemical plant workers should take every possible precaution to protect themselves from chemical explosions and flash fires.

How Can CarbonX PPE Help Lessen These Risks?

CarbonX’s woven fabrics are meant to be used as an outer layer of PPE. They are made to withstand extreme conditions when combined with other layers of PPE (like a non-flammable CarbonX Ultimate Baselayer) and protect against flammable liquids and certain chemicals. CarbonX’s woven options come in coveralls, aprons, jackets, sleeves, and bibs.

For a more lightweight but still protective option, CarbonX Repel is a good choice. This woven, multi-functional fabric expertly protects against chemicals, extreme heat, and direct flame. The fabric is also highly resistant to molten metal spatter.

What makes CarbonX Repel extra special is that it is one of very few non-aluminized products to pass both the thermal mannequin test and the ASTM F955 pour test. This means that this product offers a higher level of protection at a lighter, more comfortable weight than other competitive similar application PPE options.

CarbonX FR Clothes

With a job in a chemical plant, you can never be too careful. Many in this industry have lost their lives or suffered life-threatening injuries. Take advantage of today’s modern technology by choosing CarbonX as the flame-resistant clothing and PPE you need to stay safe on the job.

Posted in Blog on May 10, 2021