Fireproof PPE That Protects Against COVID-19

Firefighters know that danger is part of their job. The same can be said of steelworkers, pit crews, and tactical operatives. But you can’t fight COVID-19 with a hose, extinguisher, or a gun. It’s in the air, it’s all around you, and it makes it even harder to get an already difficult job done. That’s why in addition to our full line of PPE, CarbonX sells Defender Masks, created to protect users from thermal hazards and COVID-19.

FR Clothing

While there are many dangerous jobs that require fireproof clothes to protect workers, firefighting and tactical jobs are different because not only do these workers have to protect themselves from fire and burns, but they are frequently in direct contact with the public—which these days means they must also protect themselves from COVID-19.

Firefighters who go into burning buildings to rescue those trapped inside wear heavy-duty masks that protect their lungs from the acrid smoke in the building. Tactical operatives sometimes wear gas masks to protect against chemical weapons such as nerve gas.

Keeping a Defender Mask on hand, either under their equipment or within easy reach, helps ensure these workers are protected when they emerge from danger and remove their outer gear.

New Safety Precautions

Pre-COVID, firefighters and soldiers could simply remove their PPE and tend to the wounded, but today, that isn’t safe — not for the workers and not for the rescued.

Firefighters and soldiers are high up on the list of those eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, but many have been left waiting for a second dose. Additionally, the virus continues to mutate, meaning these workers can encounter new and dangerous varieties that their vaccine does not offer protection against.

CarbonX Defender Masks — made of a non-flammable lightweight fabric reinforced with a nonwoven filter — are the perfect extra layer of protection.

The Defender 1 Mask provides 65% particulate capture efficiency and 50 cubic feet per minute breathability. The Defender 2 Mask provides up to 75% particulate capture efficiency and 37 cubic feet per minute breathability. By contrast, N95 masks provide 95% particulate capture efficiency and 32 cubic feet per minute breathability.

Comfort & PPE

Part of the struggle in getting people to wear masks — or any personal protective equipment — is that it can be uncomfortable. Firefighters and soldiers are used to wearing heavy, fireproof clothes in the hottest of environments. However, they still appreciate comfort when it’s possible.

CarbonX Defender Masks are made with adjustable straps and soft elastic that holds the mask in place snugly without binding. They are equipped with moldable nose bars to better conform to the wearer’s face, allowing for a wider field of vision, and they are also pleated for a better fit.

CarbonX Fireproof PPE

Count on revolutionary CarbonX fireproof clothing and masks to protect yourself and your workers from the dangers on their job. We outfit firefighters and those who work in the steel, welding, motorsports, pulp and paper, industrial, and oil and gas industries.

Posted in Blog on Feb 09, 2021