Buy PPE That Fully Protects Wearers From Head to Toe: NSM Hoods

Oftentimes when companies are searching for the best fireproof gear to protect their workers, they concentrate heavily on top and bottom layers. This makes sense because these layers cover most of a worker’s body. But not all of it. That’s why CarbonX makes a hoods product line — to protect workers’ heads, faces, and necks.

Comfortable Nonflammable Fabric

Flame-retardant clothes are important — even mandatory sometimes — in a number of jobs. These occupations include steelworkers, welders, firefighters, racecar drivers, pulp and paper factory workers, military and police officers, oil and gas workers, and many more.

As challenging as it is to develop fire-resistant clothing, it’s almost as challenging to make it comfortable enough for workers to want to wear it. Although the danger of getting seriously burned usually motivates employees to voluntarily don their PPE, if it’s truly uncomfortable and they have to work in it 40 hours per week, compliance may become a struggle.

At CarbonX, our design engineers work hard to create the most comfortable fireproof fabrics in the market today that still offer superior protection against heat, fire, flames, and arc flash.

While your workers may pull on their baselayers every day as a matter of habit, in order to be fully protected, hoods, gloves, socks, and boots should be part of their regular PPE if there is a chance their extremities could be exposed to fire or flame.

Balaclava-Style Fireproof Hoods

CarbonX hoods, which cover the head, neck, and lower half of the face, provide protection to firefighters and others who may be vulnerable to burns from fiery airborne debris or sparks. It is especially important to completely cover hair with fireproof hoods, as it is so much easier for hair to catch fire.

CarbonX hoods made of our NSM fabric are lightweigt and are snug-fitting, making them a perfect base layer addition. The face protector can be worn either over or under the mouth, depending on the wearer’s preference. For those who work outside in the cold, keeping the hood over the mouth allows wearers to stay more comfortable by keeping their warm breath closer to their face for longer.

While balaclavas are often worn by skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts to keep warm, you also frequently see them as part of a uniform for a motorsports competitor or military officer. In some countries, police or military personnel wear them as PPE, but also to conceal their identity.

In at least some of these instances, goggles are routinely worn over the eyes to complete the full line of protective gear.

CarbonX PPE Equipment for Protection in Every Job

When you’re shopping for the best safety gear available — including FR gear, arc flash apparel and chemical protective clothing — check out CarbonX’s full line of PPE. We sell woven, nonwoven and aluminized fabrics for use in hot or cold climates as well as products to protect from dangerous splashes, arcs, sparks, and splatters.

Contact us with any questions you have about our fireproof clothing.

Posted in Blog on Nov 09, 2021.