Fireproof PPE Protects on the Job, But What About at Home?

As makers of fireproof PPE, CarbonX markets to customers in a number of dangerous industries. These include firefighting, oil and gas, motorsports, pulp and paper, steel and welding, and tactical, among others. Workers in these industries are well aware of the risks they face every day to their health and safety. But are you aware of the burn risks you and your family face in your home and other areas of your life?

FR Clothing at Work

Workers in dangerous industries have made the decision to take the risk posed by their jobs. They may feel the compensation is worth the risk. They may be willing to take the risk because they are dedicated to helping others. Or they may feel that their training and diligence put them at a lower risk than others.

Part of the uniform at a high-risk job is fireproof clothing. At CarbonX, we make truly non-flammable fabrics and clothing that are safe, comfortable, and hold up after many washings. Our fire-resistant clothing solutions will not to burn, melt, or ignite. These flame-retardant clothes are kind of like a suit of armor for workers in dangerous jobs. Our goal is to provide you the best protection possible.

Burns at Home

But many people suffer burns not at work but at home, because they are not fully aware of the risks. What are the biggest burn risks in the home?

  • Cooking: A common way people get burned at home is when they are cooking. Whether a pot gets knocked (or pulled) off the stove, an oven mitt has worn spots, or hot oil splatters on your skin, the result can be a burn.
  • Space heaters: Although many space heaters come with protective covers now, they can still get hot enough to cause a burn if touched. In fact, space heaters are to blame for many fires in the home.
  • Irons: Today most commercially available clothes irons are equipped with an automatic shutoff mechanism to prevent fire. This is also helpful in preventing burns that can occur when someone is unaware the iron is on and hot. Irons still cause burns in the home, however, whether it’s from falling or other accidental contact.
  • Curling irons and straighteners: These tools don’t always come with automatic shutoffs, and they can get much hotter than you might guess. Many people burn themselves while using these tools.
  • Chemicals: Chemicals found in the home that can cause burns include drain cleaners, paint thinner, and gasoline. Always wear gloves when handling these chemicals, and keep them out of reach of children.
  • Electricity: Since outlet covers were invented, fewer children have suffered electrical burns because they are unable to put objects inside of outlets. Electrical burns in the home still happen, however, in cases such as a short in which an object in the house becomes electrified. The same can happen with water. These accidents can be serious and even fatal.

You know how to protect yourself at work with fire-resistant clothes, and now you are more aware of the dangers at home, so you can better protect yourself and your family.

Rely on CarbonX, the leader in the FR clothing industry, for the best in fireproof PPE.

Posted in Blog on Apr 13, 2021.