The Protective Benefits of Fireproof Welding Blankets

Here at CarbonX, we make fireproof PPE to protect employees who work in dangerous industries. We talk a lot about our woven and nonwoven FR garments including tops, bottoms, hoods, socks and gloves. But today we’re going to talk about our fireproof welding blankets that offer protection not as much to the welder, but to their surroundings.

Welding Blankets Protect Equipment

As important as it is to ensure that your workers are wearing the proper PPE on the jobsite, your company also wants to protect its other investments, namely equipment and the building itself.

Our felt welding blankets are thin and lightweight, but offer superior fireproof protection from sparks and welding slag.

The Dangers of Welding Jobs

Welding is a notoriously dangerous job, involving incredibly high levels of heat necessary to melt hard metals. The process often involves bursts of sparks capable of inflicting serious harm on a welder, or of igniting nearby items.

The is why the ultimate in PPE is required for welders whenever they are using welding equipment.

Protecting Surroundings On-Site

In facilities in which welding is commonly done, the environment is usually controlled carefully, so that no flammable objects are nearby. But this is not possible 100% of the time, especially if your welders are on jobsites located away from your facility.

In any instance in which your equipment or surroundings must be protected from the byproducts of welding, you can provide this protection with an FR welding blanket. If your welders are working on a flat surface, you can cover it with a flame-resistant welding blanket. If you must protect nearby objects, you can suspend welding blankets around the work area or cover nearby walls or objects with the blankets.

Welding Blankets for Automotive Applications

Welding blankets are useful in the automotive industry. While welding facilities may have the ability to exercise extreme control of the environment, this isn’t the case in a automotive shop. Fires are not uncommon in automotive shops, where the conditions cannot always be easily manipulated.

Automotive welding is often thought of as reinforcing seams and repairing cracks, and this is indeed a common job in automotive welding. However, welding has become necessary much more frequently today in order to prevent thieves from stealing catalytic converters from parked cars under the cover of night.

Onsite welding is also often necessary in the building and repair of ships, planes and trains as well as bridges, metal buildings and theme parks. A fire-resistant welding blanket provides needed protection for all these jobs.

Order Your FR Welding Blankets Today

If your job is to supervise welders — whether in your facility or shop or onsite — you want to ensure your workers have the best fireproof clothes available as well as FR welding blankets. While we have underscored that welding blankets preserve surroundings, the truth is that welding sparks and slag cannot only damage equipment, but it can also start fires that threaten the lives of workers and others.

Order your fireproof PPE for welders through CarbonX today.

Posted in Blog on May 10, 2022.